Oct 18, 2017: AUC Signing GRMF Grant Agreement with ODDEG in Djibouti

On 27 September 2017, the AUC signed another GRMF grant contract for the Arta surface study project of L’Office Djiboutien de Développement de l'Energie Géothermique (ODDEG) in Djibouti. The agreement was signed by H.E. Mr. Mohamed Hassan Abdillahi, Secretary General of the Government of Djibouti, and H.E. Dr Amani Abou-Zeid, AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy.

The total grant amounts to USD 959,687 and represents 80% of the total cost estimated to USD 1.2 million for the surface study located on a broad valley lying on the Gulf of Tadjoura approximately 30 km east of the Djibouti City. Please find here the related AUC press release.

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Oct 8, 2017: GRMF Workshop - Final agenda

Please find here the final agenda for the GRMF workshop from 10 to 13 October 2017.

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Sep 7, 2017: GRMF Workshop - Registration form

Dear all,

With regards to the upcoming GRMF Workshop from 10 to 13 October 2017 in Nairobi, please find here the Registration form.

We are looking forward to receiving your registration until 27 September 2017.

Your GRMF team

Aug 16, 2017: New GRMF regulations

According to the decision of the GRMF Oversight Committee, on 9 August 2017 new GRMF regulations entered into force. These adaptions are based on the experience from the last four application rounds and are aiming for a better use of funds and consequently for a bigger impact on the geothermal market.

The major changes in the GRMF regulations include the following:

Introduction of the "Project pipeline concept"

Due to various challenges after the signing of the grant contract, the procedure and the documents required for grant contract signing have been adapted. Therefore all projects reaching more than 70 points in the evaluation of the application are included in the project pipeline. A project developer only will be invited for grant contract signing, if all required documents are submitted.. By this only projects with a perspective for further proceeding shall be invited for grant contract signing, as long as sufficient funds are available. This approach is aiming to create further competition below the GRMF awarded projects and to reduce administrative effort. In addition it shall enhance the development of the geothermal sector in East Africa.

Funding of an additional full size well

While the objective of the project pipeline is to accelerate the process of geothermal development in Eastern Africa, GRMF increases at the same time its funding possibilities and intensities by including the funding of an additional full size well into the initial drilling program (so far only possible within the continuation premium (CP)). The new rule is open both for projects with expired grant contracts and those before grant contract signing as well as for projects applying in coming application rounds. The following drilling programmes therefore become eligible under the GRMF (d) to f) showing the new options):

a)         2 full size wells

b)         3 slim holes

c)         2 slim holes & 1 full size well

d)         3 full size wells

e)         3 slim holes & 1 full size well

f)         2 slim holes & 2 full size wells

This approach, next to the project pipeline, shall additionally enhance the development of the geothermal sector in East Africa.


The amendments of the GRMF regulations will be described in more detail in the Developer Manual for the next application round and in the upcoming GRMF meeting that will take place from 10 to 13 August 2017 in Nairobi.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarifications.

Your GRMF team

Aug 13, 2017: Save the date: GRMF Workshop in October 2017

The department of Infrastructure and Energy (AUC) is organizing a GRMF workshop from 10th to 13th October 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The major topics will include: 

  • New GRMG Regulations
  • Kick-off meeting for Application Round 5
  • Technical assistance for GRMF
  • GRMF evaluation meeting


Furthermore, a two-days field visit to geothermal projects in Kenya is planned.

Participants will include experts from GRMF eligible countries, African Union Commission, Development Partners (KFW, DFID, and New Zealand) and geothermal developers (public and private developers).

For more information, please contact Mrs Tsemre Esayas, E-mail: Tsemree@africa-union.org; Tel.: +251 11 518 2421 ; Fax : +251 11 518 2450.

Your GRMF team